My suggestion would be for the board to consider expanded FOB criteria for “non local” owners that can be tracked who has one. This will keep the owners accountable and have a way to track who has one and deactivate if lost etc. Just because I am not local owner does not seem like I should not have the same ease of access as other owners.

Mr. Joynt
Unit 459 q1

Owners, who own more than one quarter share should be allowed to have more than two fobs, can this happen.

Mr. Pulokoff
Unit 346 Q1
Q3 & 307 Q1

Owners at the CGSR who own a home in Park City (local) not staying at the CGSR but are in town at their home who want to use the facility. May they get fobs?

Mr. Benstock
Unit 423 Q1, 448 Q4, 703 Q1- Q4

Owners at the CGSR who own a home in Park City (local) not staying at the CGSR but are in town at their home who want to use the facility. May they get fobs? My kids live in town and they need to use the facility.

Ms. Elizabeth Rowley Unit 532 Q4

Several owners have asked:

Can the locker room be changed back to a code lock?
They may have three kids who want to stop skiing early; if the owner gives them their fob, they then have no way of getting into the locker room.

Jim Dullanty
308 Q3, 431 Q1-Q4

Mr. Rogers
Units 140 Q1, 482 Q4, 366 Q4

I am an owner I live in Santa Barbara, I have a lot of family here and I am in town once a month, May I get a fob.

Mr. Wardle – Unit 357 Q3

Why are only the local owners getting them? We are in the process of purchasing our same unit 357, 359 for Q2. We currently own Q3. We are there all the time. My business partner Wil Wardle has family in Utah and is there all the time as well. I can understand not giving them to owners that hardly ever come but that is not the case for us. If you do not give everyone a fob, what is the plan for access to the pool, spa, parking, owners lounge, etc.?

Ms. Donlon Unit 357 Q3

I need an updated card or fob for the locker room door and parking lot. My daughter Sarah lives in the Park City area and her old card no longer works. She needs access to the lockers and parking.

Mr. Goldman Unit 104/06/08 Q3

We are currently living and renting an apartment here in Park City at 6033 Park Lane S #313, Park City, UT 84098 until our house being built at 1499 W Orion Way Heber, UT 84032 is complete. We will want you to change our permanent address to Heber, but not until the house is done late summer. Until then, please change our address to 2 Cat Schooner Lane Grayslake, IL 60030, were our mail delivery is the most reliable.

Seeing as we are here for the season and plan on being here more after our house is complete, I think it’s time for us to get permanent fobs.

Mr. DeLacluyse Unit 141 Q3

To Whom It May Concern
I had sent the below note to the board for the last board meeting and I still haven’t gotten a response from the board.
I want to speak at the next board meeting since I still have gotten this resolved and my questions haven’t been answered. I have learned since, that there are other owners that have had the same issues.

I am traveling shortly and won’t be available for the meeting. I have sent emails to Stephen Polvere regarding ongoing trespass in my unit 327,329,331 by Vail who hopefully followed up with the board. I am not part of the RMA and this has been going on for some time. Vail continues to rent out my unit and when I catch them, they sometimes send us a check for the “net rentals”. It happened again recently in June & August when we arrived to their guests in our unit (btw, not the 1st time). They promised to send me a full gross refund, though I only received a “net amount”. This time we expected more than the constant apologies to mitigate our inconvenience, but nothing was offered and as in the past, they took their fees, so no harm or inconvenience to them. I recently rented a week that was in my calendar for the week 12/31/21- 1/7/22 to learn that the calendar I had was later revised. When I asked Vail to accommodate my guest for their error and not forwarding me a corrected calendar, they ignored my request and passed it on to All Seasons. Again, I thought it would be an opportunity for Vail to mitigate the damages we have experienced. Obviously, my voice and previous complaints were not enough to get results, so I am bringing this up to the board.

I have another issue with Vail, we had arrived once in the past on a Saturday and was told we couldn’t get into our unit till after 4.00. My understanding is that I own our unit from 4.00pm on Friday to 11.00am on the following Friday.


Andy Howard Unit 327, 329, 331 1st Qtr, 310 494-0035

When are the gates to the garage going back up? The word is out in town that if you want to avoid the parking lot or cabriolet just park at the Grand Summit.

Ms. Molchan – Unit 318 Q3

1-what feedback is Vail getting on the customer experience this year? -check in process
-overall cleanliness

-pool / hot tub operation
-guest compliance with covid rules

2-are guests still experiencing TV outages/issues.

3-why are the Sunpeak, super condor, short cut dreamscape and sunrise lifts not operating? When will they open?

Rick Feeney Unit 543 Q1- Q4

In order to increase owner participation would the board consider moving the Board meetings to a weekday evening?

Ms. Peeler Unit 467 Q3