As the ski season got into full swing, access to mountain parking at the Canyons became a much-valued commodity. Our policy will be to award 2 (two) key fobs for those who live locally, regardless of the number of quarter shares owned. These key fobs will provide access to the garage, gym, pool, lockers, and owners lounges.  

The Board had no choice but to make a change in policy as previously there were over 2,000 key cards in circulation which allowed access to the garage. That meant there were a like number of strangers who could freely enter our building. This not only created a parking problem for fellow owners and hotel guests, it created a serious security situation.   

The introduction of the new parking locking system was done to curtail the misuse of parking privileges and to ensure sufficient spots for owners and guests. We are doing this in concert with Vail to eliminate the free-for-all that had been taking place, which at times saw the garage being used as a locker room by people who snuck in. 

Guests and owners staying at the Grand Summit will continue to have access to the garage during their stay.  

A very important thing to keep in mind, Vail owns the garage, and we have an easement access to it.