Grand Summit Owners,  

I want to take this opportunity to update all on the current status here at the GS. We’ve had several inquiries on security, energy savings and staffing and I will go into detail on all of these, but first an update on Park City and Utah in general. 

Utah has a total of 298 Covid-19 cases and 1 death, Summit County has 90 cases. There are no shelter in place orders as of yet and grocery stores are keeping up with demand, with the exceptions of tissue paper and sanitizing/cleaning products. Meats are also on amount restrictions.  The town is very slow with almost no one on Main St. or here in the village.Everyone looks to be taking appropriate precautions so we will move on to the GS. 

We have 4 units occupied by full-time owners so the term closed is a misnomer. We are doing everything possible to reduce facility costs while still maintaining a suitable and safe living environment for these owners.  Vail has strongly suggested that all owners cancel any trips here but there is nothing restricting them from doing so during this time. 

On the energy front: 

We have gone through every vacant room ensuring all lights and pilot lights are off, windows are closed and HVAC units, when appropriate, are turned off.  Any remaining lighting not considered a safety factor has been turned off facility-wide along with 2 of the 5 elevators.  All centralized room supply/exhaust air handlers have been shut done. Ground level central air handlers exhaust air has been shut down but we are still supplying tempered air to these areas due to nightly temperatures.  Since we have minimal demand on hot water and heating we have reduce output from our central plant from 180 to 140 degrees.  This should be sufficient to give these owners adequate hot water and allow VR to run their laundry for the village.  Central kitchen , Farm and Redtail have turned off all gas appliances. Heating of pools and spas has ceased, this will also make it much less appealing for the  local teens overnight. Garage lighting is normal for safety reasons. 


All exits have been secured from entry with the exception of lobby ADA doors and the garage entrance.  Staff are doing rounds both day and night to keep these secure with Public Safety contracted to increase their rounds to once per hour between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am.  Cameras have been set up to monitor the lobby door and the fire system panel located at the front desk.  This audio/video is being monitored by myself overnight as I’m staying onsite during those times.So far, so good. 


For VR and ASRL maintenance its business as usual. This situation has allowed us to get an early start on spring preventative maintenance in units along with a list of projects that we have very recently started.  Among these are, removing pool heat exchangers and replacing with flat plate exchangers, replacing abandoned preheat system for the air handlers(1000 ft of preheat tubing), retrofit hallway sconce lighting to LED and continued work in the central plant as it relates to pump and motor repair, just to name a few.  We hope to have contractors on site doing the fire system speaker work within a week.  

Also, spring unit deep cleans and carpet cleans will be starting this coming week.Busy as usual. 

Please let me know if you have any questions and stay safe. 

Mark Hoagland, Director of Engineering

Grand Summit Resort Hotel

O: (435) 252-5525 | M: 4000 Canyons Resort Dr.| Park City, UT