The Annual Meeting was held Saturday, April 3, 2021.
Jeff Bauml, our HOA President, opened the meeting providing a review of the last year and a look forward to the upcoming year. Jeff thanked all the Board members for their commitment to serve.

Owners were asked to vote for two Board members and to ratify the FY2022 Annual Budget. The election had strong representation by GS owners. The election results were overseen by an independent inspector with the results as follows:

Dave Markert 28%

Peter Hutt 25%

The FY 2020 Annual Budget was ratified by 90% of owners who voted and 26% of owners overall. For the next fiscal year HOA dues will be 5% less than the last year while reserve contributions are increasing. Click here for cover memo and budget report.

Congratulations to Dave and Peter. Later that day the newly elected HOA Board agreed on the election of Officers as follows:

  • Jeff Bauml as President and Residential Board Member
  • Tracy Neumann as Vice President and Residential Board Member
  • Tony Broad as Treasurer and Residential Board Member
  • Dave Markert as Residential Board Member
  • Peter Hutt as Residential Board Member
  • Mary Walter as Secretary and a Commercial Board Member
  • Mike Lewis as Commercial Board Member