The COVID 19 pandemic has created some unprecedented impacts to our economy and for unit owners,
lodging guests and businesses related to owning and operating the Grand Summit units and common assets.
I wanted to share some updates on what All Seasons HOA Management is doing to help take care of the

While the State of Utah public orders have been in place to restrict travelers and discourage second
homeowners from visiting the property over the last month, our management team has focused on taking
care of the essential services to maintain the building as well as take care of the accounting and management
functions that are required. This includes supplemental property monitoring to help ensure the building is
safe and secure while essentially out of regular operation.
In addition to operating essential functions, we have taken steps to reduce expenses that include:

  1. Operating with reduced maintenance staff. The team has 2 fewer techs than normal.*
  2. Operating without a homeowner liaison. HOA Manager Stephen Polvere is handling these duties
    with some overlap from staff at our local corporate office.
  3. Operating without an inventory supplies supervisor that manages the stocking of guest/owner
    supplies in the units.
  4. Operating without a pool attendant while the pool is out of service.

Note that the association does not have any employees. All management and labor costs are provided through All Seasons HOA

Management or third party vendors for association services.

Other cost reductions are related to very low occupancy in the building and reduced utility consumption and
costs. There are approximately 5 units that have been occupied by owners/tenants over the last month.
It is important to note that many costs for the association are not related directly to occupancy. For
example, required common insurance costs do not fluctuate and the need to maintain and observe the
building emergency systems for fire suppression must continue. Management functions related to
interacting with owners for questions and updates and accounting functions to pay utility and other
common expense bills are ongoing.

While the coming months may come with some uncertainty on a return to a more normal operation at the
property, we know that Vail Resorts intends to begin to restore rental operations in June and essential HOA
services will continue. We also know that Summit County will create new mandates for health requirements
and social distancing that will create some additional unknown costs.

In the event that significant improvements do not take place or there is clear evidence that the impacts of the
pandemic will be prolonged, our management team, working with your Executive Board is prepared to take
additional steps to reduce costs through staff reduction, deferring maintenance projects or other savings
where possible while not jeopardizing the required maintenance and safety/security needs of Grand Summit.
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this together.

Jim Simmons
Vice President of Asset Management
All Seasons HOA Management